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Efficiency boost for gas heat pump

UK: Panasonic has announced the European launch of its latest generation gas-driven VRF heat pump offering increased efficiencies.

Said to offer a number of significant improvements on previous models, the new GE3 range boasts SEERs of over 1.9 and a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) above 1.3. These increased efficiencies have been accomplished by employing a number of technical innovations, including a redesigned fan, a new type of heat exchanger and larger engine pulley. As well as delivering greater performance and reduced electricity consumption, better partial load control is also achieved.

The GE3 delivers heating, cooling and hot water while reducing the consumption of electricity to just 9% of an equivalent-sized electricity-powered VRF solution. It can operate on either natural gas or LPG and just a single-phase power supply.

The GHP unit captures waste heat from the engine generated during heating and cooling, and delivers hot water at 65°C without requiring additional electric heaters. Panasonic also maintains that the GE3 range can offer 100% heating capacity and DHW at temperatures as low as -20°C without requiring a defrost process. To further optimise efficiency, multiple units can be combined in configurations up to 60hp.


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