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Emerson’s large facility supervisor

USA: Emerson has launched large facility supervisory control systems for simple visibility and control over refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and more.

Optimised for Emerson’s ProAct enterprise management software and ProAct Alerts mobile app, these supervisory controls collect and analyse data, which gets cloud-processed through ProAct software, apps and advanced services into insights about current conditions, developing trends, performance history and operational metrics.

“Our supervisory controls are designed to provide quick, helpful information and insights for our customers, but we really wanted to make sure that this new system was simple and powerful,” said Reggie O’Donoghue, director of electronics product management, Emerson’s Commercial and Residential Solutions platform. “These products are optimised for desktop or mobile devices, meaning our customers can control their store building management systems from virtually anywhere with an internet or cellular connection. We’ve also designed in the flexibility to allow users to choose to see the information most relevant to them.”

Emerson’s full line of supervisory controls for large facilities includes the system supervisor, building supervisor, refrigeration supervisor and kitchen supervisor.

New features include a simplified setup process, improved file management, graphics scheduling and a user-friendly interface with multiple display options. In addition, the new Emerson System Supervisor features advanced functions with building and refrigeration supervisory controls such as more storage, additional processing power, smart alarms, site aggregation and a performance meter, showcasing performance levels based on up to 13 months of data.


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