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Engie plans heat pump chiller launch

GERMANY: Engie Refrigeration has announced the forthcoming launch of the Spectrum Water, available as both a water/water heat pump and as a water-cooled chiller.

Due to be launched on March 28, the new Spectrum Water will be available worldwide as a water/water heat pump for hot water temperatures of up to +68ºC and as a water-cooled chiller for brine applications providing up to -10ºC. 

Based on the technology employed in Engie’s Quantum Water, the new Spectrum Water features oil-free compressors with magnetic bearings, flooded shell and tube condensers, an open-flash economiser integrated as standard, and an intelligent Siemens S7 PLC. 

Twelve basic models will be offered in total. The Spectrum Water heat pump offers a heating capacity of 360 to 3,000kW, the Spectrum Water chiller, with the same number of models, offers a refrigeration capacity between 200 and 1,200kW. 

The machine can run on the low-GWP refrigerant R1234ze as well as R515B, R513A and R134a. 

“Our new Spectrum Water covers an exceedingly wide temperature and performance range and is thus suitable for use in a wide range of industries – as a heat pump providing heat in new and existing large-volume buildings; for integration into urban and communal heat networks; or as a chiller for the food production and processing industry,” said Engie Refrigeration CEO Jochen Hornung.

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