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Engie updates Pensum air-cooled chiller to R454B

GERMANY: Engie Refrigeration is the latest company to announce the adoption of lower GWP refrigerant R454B when the company relaunches its Pensum air-cooled chiller in January.

After the successful redesign of the German company’s air-cooled Quantum Air series in June this year, the company now plans to relaunch the air-cooled Pensum Air. The revised models will be available from January 20, with product in the medium power ranges of 50 to 400kW. 

The air-cooled Pensum chiller has been part of the Engie Refrigeration portfolio since 2013. Market requirements have changed since then, and Engie says it is staying abreast of these changes by further developing the series. Key to this is the use of refrigerant R454B, which claims good thermodynamic properties and a low GWP value of 466. Compared to the previous refrigerant R410A, R454B is said to lower CO2 emissions by 78%, without affecting refrigeration capacity. 

R454B is a Chemours refrigerant branded as Opteon XL41. It is a blend of 68.9% R32 and 31.1% 1234yf.

The Pensum Air already meets the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive for Tier 2, which will come into force on 1 January 2021. 

The new Pensum Air also features a refined design and configuration. One of the most important benefits is the use of a new more efficient compressor. It is also available in four different lines – Basic Cool, Free Cool, Super Silent and Reversible Heat. 

Engie has also optimised measuring, control and regulation technology, in terms of master-slave operation and smart grid capability, and included an improved housing with a protective grille in front of the fin-type heat exchanger to protect against mechanical effects. 

A number of add-ons will also be available. These range from specific configuration packages for different requirements, such as a maintenance package, to glycol collecting trays and various warranty and service options. 

Following the Pensum Air update, Engie Refrigeration is to start overhauling its water-cooled Pensum chillers, which will also enter the market during 2020.

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