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Expansion valves for HFCs, HFOs and CO2

SPAIN: Sanhua has developed a new LPF electronic refrigeration expansion valve in two versions for HFO/HFC refrigerants and CO2. 

The LPF is for HFC/HFO refrigerants with a maximum pressure of 42bar, while the LPF-D is for CO2 and has a maximum pressure of 60bar.

With a shut-off function, Sanhua says the LPF closes as tightly as a solenoid valve and opens fast in the case of high load demand. It is also said to perform control more accurately under low load conditions. 

The LPF is equipped with a new coil with IP67 protection, and the cable length is extended from 1.5 to up to 9m for remote installations. 

LPF is described as an ideal replacement of a thermostatic expansion valve with a cooling capacity of up to 30kW.


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