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Fujitsu adds Clint and Montair chillers

UK: Fujitsu has extended its UK product range with the addition of Clint and Montair liquid chillers, under an agreement between the Japanese manufacturer and Italian group GI Holding (GIH).

Fujitsu UK’s new offering includes both air-cooled and water-cooled liquid chillers, in heat pump and cooling only models. Air cooled heat pumps will range from a compact 15kW model using inverter scroll technology, through to 1.6MW screw compressor models, including options of producing hot water up to 60ºC. Water cooled heat pumps range from 49kW to 1.25MW, with cooling only variants using Turbocor centrifugal compressor technology to extend ranges to 3.9MW capacity.

Four-pipe hydronic connections make possible simultaneous operation of cooling, heating and the provision for domestic hot water possible from the Energy Power range. 

Close control applications are being provided with Montair air cooled, water cooled and chilled water variations, covering a range of 9kW to 155kW capacity including both top and bottom discharge options. Integrated server cabinet cooling is also available.

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