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Fujitsu adds R32 splits to UK offering

UK: Split system air conditioners using lower GWP refrigerant R32 are amongst a new wave of products being introduced by Fujitsu UK.

At just 215mm deep, the KG series is said to achieve top class efficiencies, thanks to a combination of the R32 refrigerant, a high efficiency lamda heat exchanger and large cross flow fan.

The A+++ units are said to attain an SEER of 8.5 and SCOP of 5.1.

Four models are available with capacities from 2kW to 4.2kW cooling and 2.5kW to 5.4kW heating.

Other refinements include occupancy sensors and wi-fi adaptor enabling to operation and control by smart-phone or tablet PC.

Fujitsu UK

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