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Fujitsu updates personal cooling device

JAPAN: Fujitsu is to begin sales in Japan of an upgraded version of the personal cooling device it first announced last year. 

The Cómodo gear i2 is said to be lighter, adjustable and with an improved cooling effect.

Worn around the neck, the Cómodo gear contains Peltier elements to cool the blood flowing through the carotid artery and lower the core body temperature. 

Following test sales with the original version in Japan in 2020, Fujitsu will start full-scale production this year, offering the Cómodo gear i2 to the Japanese market from the beginning of next month. 

The product was mainly developed for those working outdoors in the hot sun or in an environment without access to air conditioning, such as those in the security industry and construction, as well as factory staff and event venue workers. 

Feedback from those users have been incorporated into the Cómodo gear i2. This includes availability in two neck sizes and with the addition of a magnet band to the front to adjust the fit.

The weight of the neck unit is 155g – 15g lighter than the previous model. In addition, the battery and heat sink can be separated and worn on either side of the waist. 

While the size of the cooling plate is larger to increase the effect, the other components have been made smaller.

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