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Fujitsu develops personal cooler

JAPAN: Fujitsu has taken its air conditioning expertise to a personal level with the development of a wearable cooling device.

The Cómodo gear is a cooling unit worn around the neck and containing three small Peltier elements. It’s function is to cool the blood flowing through the carotid artery to lower the core body temperature. The cooling mechanism around the neck sends heat to the water-cooled heat sink worn on the waist. This design is said to provide a cooling effect even if temperatures exceed 35ºC.

It is mainly aimed at those working outdoors in the hot sun or in an environment without access to air conditioning, such as those in the security industry and construction, as well as factory staff and event venue workers.

The Cómodo gear features three small Peltier elements

The weight of the neck is about 170g, and the weight of the radiator and battery is about 840g.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery can provide 2 to 4 hours of cooling. Charging time is 3 hours.

NFC and Bluetooth enabled, it is hoped to develop the unit further to provide details of the health and location of the wearer. 

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