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GEA combines cooling and heat pump technologies

GERMANY: GEA has combined the technologies of its chiller and heat pump products in one soon to be available machine – the GEA Blu-Red Fusion.

The new product is said to combine the successful GEA Blu chillers and GEA Red heat pumps in a single product. It is a combination of a GEA BluAstrum or GEA BluGenium chiller (low stage) with a GEA RedAstrum or GEA RedGenium heat pump (high stage). It is designed for applications with combined cooling/refrigeration and heating demands at low heat source temperature levels and high temperature lifts between heat source and heat sink. 

GEA Blu-Red Fusion models can be configured and combined according to manual selection or depending on the capacity, heat source and heat sink temperature requirements. Heat source outlet temperatures are supplied between +15 and -15°C while the maximum supply temperatures at the hot side reach up to +70°C (reciprocating-compressor-based heat pump stage with GEA RedGenium); and up to +80°C (screw-compressor-based heat pump stage with GEA RedAstrum). Cooling capacities range from approximately 300 to 1,800kW with heating capacities of around 450 to over 2,400kW (secondary refrigerant at +12/+6°C, heat carrier at +50/+70°C). 

Intermediate stage

The intermediate stage is equipped with one single, efficient ammonia-ammonia cascade heat exchanger. GEA insists that not only does the design drastically reduce the capital investment, it also makes an intermediate liquid cycle redundant which reduces the differential pressure of both stages and does not waste power on glycol or water pumps. GEA claims efficiency benefits of 10% and more. 


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