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GEA raises heat pump temperature to 95ºC

GERMANY: The use of a new Grasso V XHP reciprocating compressor has enabled GEA to raise the temperature supply capability of its RedGenium low-charge ammonia heat pump to 95ºC.

The brand-new GEA Grasso V XHP reciprocating compressor series will be available in four sizes from 2022. They provide twice the capacity than the existing types and a maximum supply temperature of +95°C. 

Thanks to the large temperature and pressure lift that V XHP technology allows, the series is suitable for combined refrigeration and heating applications as well as for heating only using low-temperature heat sources, from cold environments for example.

The GEA RedGenium is a compact heat pump range of 11 models for small to medium and up to slightly higher heat loads. They can use any liquid heat source up to +50°C, for example wastewater, surface water and ground water, or with a liquid secondary refrigerant for combined cooling and heating applications. 

The GEA Grasso V HP and the new V XHP models even allow heat sources below zero providing secondary refrigerant outlet temperatures down to -10°C for combined refrigeration demands.

Alternatively, all GEA RedGenium heat pumps can be equipped with a cascade evaporator, directly charged with hot ammonia gas from a refrigeration plant, to efficiently recover waste heat.


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