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Geoclima chiller promises high performance in high ambients

ITALY: Geoclima has introduced a new oil-free centrifugal compressor chiller for high ambient climates.

The High Lift range, based on Turbocor’s high lift TTH-TGH compressor, uses the technological innovations of Geoclima’s Circlemiser series to guarantee the same performance in terms of energy efficiency even with extreme ambient temperatures up to 50°C (122°F).

Like the Circlemiser, the chiller employs the specially-designed cylindrical condensers that increase the heat exchange surface by 45%, and the cascade configuration of flooded evaporators to reduce energy consumption. 

The High Lift range combines this technology with a new wrapping evaporative system, developed to integrate the benefits of the adiabatic system together with the already highly efficient system of the Circlemiser.

In addition to the traditional R134a, it can be specified with the lower GWP refrigerant R513A or the low GWP HFO R1234ze.

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