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Geothermal heat pump uses R452B

SWEDEN: Thermia has introduced a new geothermal heat pump – the first of its type to use the lower GWP refrigerant R452B.

An A2L “mildly flammable” gas, R452B is designed as an alternative to R410A in new equipment and has a GWP of 675.

The new Calibra Eco is an extension of Thermia’s current inverter-driven Calibra range, with its low noise levels of just 28 to 46dB(A), depending on size and power capacity. Like the standard Calibra, the new Calibra Eco is available in outputs of 2kW to 8kW and 3kW to 12kW but adds a larger unit covering the power range 4kW to 16kW.

Calibra Eco claims a high SCOP value of up to 5.96 and a very high total annual heat factor.


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