HFOs, blends and blowing agents

DuPont OpteonCHILLVENTA 2014 PREVIEW: DuPont is to focus on new refrigerants, working fluids and foam expansion agents.

These new products are based on HFO technology and, compared to previously used substances, are said to offer benefits in energy efficiency and have a significantly reduced global warming potential.

Products being presented include Opteon XP40, a new member of DuPont’s Opteon family of low-GWP refrigerants. It has a GWP of 1397, which is 65% lower than R404A/R507A, which it can replace in commercial and industrial medium- and low-temperature refrigeration systems. 

A further highlight at the show will be novel, non-flammable working fluids with reduced GWP. These are suitable for use in high temperature heat pumps and organic Rankine cycles, as they boost energy efficiency at relatively high temperatures. Another new product is Formacel 1100, a chlorine-free, high efficiency foam expansion agent for producing PU rigid foam insulation with zero ODP and a GWP that is 99% lower than that of HFCs normally used today.

DuPont experts will also present various technical papers about these new products during the Specialist Forums (

Opteon XP40

Carrying the ASHRAE designation R449A, Opteon XP40 is a non-flammable refrigerant blend (ASHRAE Class 1) with similar thermodynamic properties to R404A/R507A widely used today in medium- and low-temperature commercial and industrial direct expansion refrigeration systems. XP40 is suitable for use in both new systems and for cost-effective and simple retrofitting of existing systems. 

Having an approximately 65% lower GWP than R404A/R507A, XP40 complies with the requirements of the new European F-gas regulation which comes into force on January 1, 2015. 

Opteon XP40 is zero ODP and better energy efficiency than R404A/R507A. It can contribute significantly in reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions arising from leaks and energy consumption by refrigeration systems in supermarkets, cold stores and in industrial process cooling. Successful pilot projects have already demonstrated its benefits in a practical setting and these projects will be presented at the trade fair. 

The growing Opteon family of low GWP refrigerants also includes Opteon XP10 for hybrid cascades and Opteon XP44 for transport refrigeration.

At Chillventa, DuPont is also exhibiting new, developmental non-flammable working fluids with distinctly reduced GWP. These include DR-65 (GWP <850) for high temperature lift applications of up to 65°C, DR-14A (GWP approx 375) for heating at temperatures of up to 100°C and DR-2 (GWP of less than 10) for high efficiency, high temperature heat pumps for temperatures up to 160°C. Planning for commercial introduction of these products is underway.

As John McMenamin, business manager, DuPont Fluorochemicals Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), says: “DuPont will continue to develop new products based on our ground-breaking HFO technology. Our new range of solutions with reduced GWP will assist our customers and their respective value chains in providing products that contribute significantly to ensuring refrigeration, foam insulation and heat pump applications are both energy efficient and environmentally responsible.”


Chillventa, Nuremberg, October 14-16 2014
Hall 4, stand 206

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