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High energy compact chiller and heat pumps

FRANCE: Ciat’s new generation of DynaCiat compact water-cooled chillers and heat pumps is available in two versions and 17 models.

The new DynaCiat LG water-cooled chillers and heat pumps and DynaCiat LGN condenser-less chillers are available from 25 to 190kW.

Ciat says its use of electronic expansion valves and a strict selection of components increases ESEER’s by 15% to 6.22 and SCOP’s by 13% to 6.37.

DynaCiat units are said to be capable of automatically adjusting cooling capacity, preparing variations in load and using only the number of compressors needed to ensure optimum operation and energy efficiency.

Ciat’s intuitive systems for management, real-time monitoring and supervision,such as Connect Touch and CiatM2M, optimise energy consumption even further.

Available with a high- or low-pressure pump and in water-cooled or condenser-less versions, the new DynaCiat provides an all-in-one solution with its integrated hydraulic module.

With a reduced footprint of 1.30m², the chillers ar fully encased in metal panels to ensure quiet operation. For noise-sensitive environments, such as residential neighbourhoods, its low-noise version’s compressors include additional acoustic insulation.


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