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ID labels are a pipe dream

UK: A new company, Enviro F-Gas Sales, is offering self-adhesive refrigeration pipe identification labels.

The labels, which can carry customer branding, enables pipe runs to be identified with refrigerant type, system number and charge size. In addition the labels carry the refrigerant UN number to assist the fire services in case of an emergency. 

The labels are the brainchild of Ian Gillin, director of North-Shields-based commercial refrigeration company Coolcheck Refrigeration, who had spent years on site trying to track pipework. 

“I started the business as I was struggling to find labels that would identify what refrigerant was in the pipes I was installing. I also wanted to expand that to mark the pipes with the UN number to help fire services identify the chemical compound of the refrigerant.  

“I spent a lot of years working in hospitals and a lot of time tracking units back from indoor to outdoor. Marking the pipe with a system number helps dramatically in that respect.”

Labels are available for all refrigerant types and are colour-coded to match the cylinder.

The labels are presently sold through FSW but can be ordered directly from Enviro F-Gas Sales.

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