Javac launches hydrocarbon leak detector

Javac-GasmateJavac has launched its ATEX-approved Gas-Mate hand-held leak detectors that use leading-edge technology to detect hydrocarbon gas leaks.

Sensitive to 500ppm of hydrogen (Trace-A-Gas) and 5ppm methane, it detects natural gas, propane, butane, cyclopentane, ethane, ethanol, isobutane and ammonia.

The Gas Mate is a portable hand-held device running on two D-sized batteries offering continual operation for up to 60 hours.

It features an adjustable sensitivity, which helps to pinpoint leaks fast, and the audio alarm and flashing LED indicates the leak strength. Gas Mate also features an auto-zeroing to ignore background gas levels in leak test areas. The small sensor and probe tip make it easy to check those harder to reach places.

Javac UK

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