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Kelvion expands industrial air cooler options

GERMANY: Kelvion’s new GS/GB and CS/CB cubic air coolers have been developed for a wide range of refrigeration applications.

Both versions are said to be suitable for synthetic and natural refrigerants and for temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C. The GS/GB model has a capacity range from 6.5kW to 121kW (HFC, SC2), while the CS/CB version, with stainless steel tubes, offers a range from 6.4kW to 184kW.

Offering optimised coil designs and the latest premium brand fans, the coolers operate as blow through and draw through. Operating pressure is up to 60bar.

For customers wanting a bespoke solution, the CS/CB cooler has the flexibility to be configured in over 8,000 different ways for the most demanding refrigeration tasks. Bespoke design features include UV-C lights to reduce airborne particles such as viruses, bacteria and germs.

Kelvion says it guarantees fast delivery with the GS/GB models.


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