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Kelvion extends air cooler options for “natural” refrigerants

GERMANY: Kelvion has extended its CS/CB and CD ranges of air coolers with an optimised coil design to meet the demands of “natural” refrigerant systems.

Kelvion’s CSF/CBF and CSH/CBH cubic air cooler lines now have an adapted pipe system to support the demands of low volume systems for CO2 or ammonia.

The range is available from 5.6kW up to 175kW for CO2 and ideally suited for high pressure applications up to 90bars.

The capacity range for ammonia – from 7.7kW up to 224kW – is available as blow and draw through versions. Different materials and a wide range of options makes these coolers easily adaptable to an application.

The CDF and CDH dual discharge air coolers feature the same tube system. They are available from 6.1kW up to 125kW for CO2 for applications up to 90bar. The capacity range for ammonia is from 7.9kW up to 154kW.


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