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Kelvion launches Goedhart coolers for CO2


GERMANY: Kelvion has launched CO2 versions of its Goedhart air cooler.

The LX versions have been optimised for use with CO2 and designed for a range of cooling and freezing applications at operating pressures up to 60 bar.

Featuring copper/aluminium heat exchangers, the new LX versions are available for the following ranges: VCI (single discharge ceiling-mounted air coolers), VCe (air coolers with large high efficiency fans), DVS (dual discharge), VNS (with extra-low air velocities for sensitive goods such as vegetables and fruit), and BC50/BC50XF (for blast-freezing).

Standard versions of these ranges will continue to be available for use with synthetic refrigerants. Goedhart air coolers can also be specially designed with stainless steel heat exchanger tubes for operational pressures greater than 60 bar.


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