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Kelvion NL100M plate for beer and dairy applications

GERMANY: Targeting the brewing, food and beverage industries, Kelvion’s new NL100M plate is said to offer the ideal compromise between flexibility and efficiency. 

The big brother to Kelvion’s established NL80M plate, the NL100M is suitable for operating pressures of 16bar, provides connections with a nominal diam­eter of 100mm and has a heat exchange surface area of 0.47m² per plate. With a gap width of approximately 4.15mm, Kelvion says it provides enough space to allow strongly-hopped media to pass through and also provides improved heat transfer, compared to plates with even bigger gap width or wide gap patterns.

Reducing the gap width to around 4.15mm is said to provide double-digit percentage heat transfer improvements and lower energy consumption.

It is also available in titanium for ultra-purity and cleanliness.

As well as brewing the NL100M is said to be ideal for a wide range of dairy products where product needs very careful handling, with minimum stress to achieve the desired smooth texture and viscosity. Its claimed the NL100M provides that by combining low velocity with low pressure. While this leads to a build-up of deposits on the surface of conventional plates, the NL100M’s OptiWave design is said to offer an outstanding inter­action of the plate profile and corrugation depth. It ensures high heat transfer rates by means of uniform distribution of the product over the entire width of the plate. The large gap of 4.15mm keeps the original product’s viscosity at a high level.

Furthermore the NL100M is suitable for oil and steam and glycol applications where low pressure drop is the limiting factor.

The PosLoc assembly system and EcoLoc gasket system are employed to ensure easy assembly of the heat exchanger during installation and maintenance. The PosLoc design makes sure that the plates of gasketed plate heat exchangers align automatically during assembly and seal tight. The EcoLoc gaskets can be at­tached easily without special tools or adhesives. When the device is closed, the correct fit is established automatically. This results in reliable gaskets that can be replaced if necessary, quickly and easily.


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