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Latest AdaptaPak adds greater convenience

USA: Hillphoenix has launched its second generation AdaptaPak outdoor refrigeration system solution for convenience stores, small format stores and supermarkets.

AdaptaPak offers improved energy efficiency, reduced cost of installation, ease of maintenance and smaller footprint — all in a new, more compact design.

The AdaptaPak system uses multiple-staged compressors (typically including a digital scroll) to respond more efficiently to a store’s refrigeration demands. As a result, compressor capacities can be varied to better match required loads and reduce compressor cycling.

“It was important that we optimise the product to provide a total-store that could further reduce total cost of ownership by aggressively addressing energy, installation and service costs,” said Dustan Atkinson, director of business intelligence and systems product management.

AdaptaPak’s high coil surface area and compressor staging is said to be more efficient than single condensing units, cutting energy costs by up to 20%. Customers can further boost efficiency with optional energy-saving variable speed EC motors.

Optional heat reclaim valves allow AdaptaPak to become part of a heat reclaim system, allowing waste heat from the condenser to be used for hot water or sales floor heating.

AdaptaPak’s complete high side package design translates to ease of maintenance and easier, low-cost installation. Other user-friendly features include an isolated compressor section that can be easily accessed while the unit is operational (without interrupting airflow) and hinged doors on compressor and electrical sections.


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