Leak detection, welding gases, new refrigerants

A-Gas (UK) Limited, Oxygen (left) and Acetylene cylinders (right)ACR Show 2014 Preview: Leak detection, high temperature welding gases and new refrigerants will be the main focus for A-Gas.

With the F-Gas regulations placing an on-going emphasis on leak reduction, A-Gas has introduced a leak detection product known as Trace-A-Gas. Up to 100 times more sensitive than a leak detection spray, this 5% Hydrogen and 95% Nitrogen mixture will enable engineers to locate even the smallest of leaks.

Oxygen and Acetylene, branded as Braze-A-Gas, is an engineer’s preferred choice for brazing of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Oxy-acetylene together, provides a flame temperature of approximately 3500°; a flame significantly hotter than propane, propylene and MAPP gas and provides good localised heating with minimal wasted heat.

A-Gas, working in partnership with Honeywell, will also be showcasing the low GWP refrigerant Genetron Performax LT. Also known as R407F, this medium and low temperature environmentally friendly replacement for R404A and R407A can provide energy savings and carbon footprint reductions.

A-Gas is a market leader in the supply of refrigerant and service gases. Visit Stand D24 for technical support and advice on retrofit gases, next generation refrigerants or for more information on A-Gas’ evolving product portfolio.

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