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LG introduces compact R32 VRF

UK: LG Electronics has launched the Multi V S, a compact 4, 5 and 6hp VRF operating on lower GWP refrigerant R32.  

While allowing connection to up to 13 indoor units, the volume of LG’s Multi V S has been reduced by approximately 40% and the weight by approximately 23%. This allows installations in smaller spaces and allows more flexibility in the building design and installation stages. Another benefit is the reduction in refrigerant charge.  The Multi V S only requires 4.3kg of R32 compared to the previously required 5.6kg on the R410A model.

Additionally, the new Multi V S operates at a low noise level of approximately 50-52dB(A).

Its high efficiency is attributed to the inclusion of LG’s R1 hybrid scroll compressor, exhibiting high stability and operating efficiency especially during low-load conditions. 

LG’s Multi V S’s heat exchanger includes enhanced corrosion resistance with LG’s Black Fin technology, providing stronger protection to air pollution and salt contamination.

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