LG larger concealed has retail appeal

25kw-ducted-LGLG has introduced a 25kW ceiling concealed duct unit to extend it’s range of split and multi synchro systems.

The new UB85.N94 system is said to offer a wide indoor operating range of 16°C-30°C heating and 18°C-30°C with an outdoor range of -20°C to 48°C cooling and -18°C to 18°C heating. It is expected to have wide appeal in the retail and hospitality markets.

Boasting a COP of 3.25 and EER of 2.81 the new unit will quietly produce the best indoor ambience at a maximum operating power level of 65dBA. Airflow rates are 80m³/min (high), 72m³/min (medium) and 64m³/min (low). The indoor temperature can be controlled using the thermistors in the remote controller, the indoor unit or both. Two thermistor control can optimise operation for a more comfortable environment.

Dimensions of the indoor unit are 1563 x 458 x 791mm and weight is 90kg. The system is supplied complete with a standard wired remote controller.

The outdoor unit, UU85W.U74, has a hermetically sealed scroll compressor and is extremely quiet in operation with a sound power level of 74dBA. The unit weighs 144kg (net) and measures 1090 x 1625 x 380mm, said to be some 47% smaller in footprint compared to the alternative VRF offering.

Pre-charged with 5.5kg of R410A with charge-less pipe length of 15m, it promises a maximum piping length of 75m, with an elevation difference of 30m.

Accessories for the system include LG’s range of central controllers, including the recently launched AC Smart Premium controller, BMS Gateways compatible with LONworks and BACnet Gateway technology. The indoor unit has a high head drain pump option and the outdoor may be combined with a 3rd party AHU, using LG’s AHU communication kit.


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