LG launches Multi V lV VRF

MV4-Single-Frame-UX2_1_20130718132717LG has introduced a fourth generation of its Multi V VRF product range offering superior performance and energy efficiency over the Multi V lll  which it replaces.

The Multi V IV benefits from a number of small but significant system improvements which together contribute to a unit providing EERs of 4.85 and a 30% improvement in efficiency over its predecessor.

The new VRF incorporates LG’s high pressure oil return system which reduces energy use by having a separate inlet pipe from the oil separator to the compressor to return oil directly to the compressor. This is said to boost COP by 6.7% during cooling and 5.4% during heating. Its smart oil return system employs a special sensor to check oil levels in real time, performing recovery only when necessary. LG claim to have evidence of units operating for 200 days without going into oil recovery mode.

At the heart of the new system is LG’s fourth generation inverter DC scroll compressor utilising vapor Injection to maximise heating capabilities. The compressor speed range is now 15Hz to 150Hz for better partial load operation.

The Multi V lV also benefits from a a variable heat exchanger circuit , the unit selecting the optimal path for both hot and cold streams and providing a 15% increase to integrated energy efficiency.

The active refrigerant control system automatically monitors and adjusts the volume of circulating refrigerant during each cycle.

Lifts have also been increased to 110m and there is an enhanced reach of 40m between indoor units.

A new smart control system also allows users to remotely monitor and adjust settings via an easily installed smart phone application.

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