LG Therma V monobloc heat pump

LG Therma VLG is introducing the Therma V Monobloc air-to-water heat pump range, in response to the market demands of the new build and refurbishment sectors.

Complementing the 9kW-16kW split range, Therma V offers low/medium temperature heating and domestic hot water supply along with any easy to use controller.

The major feature of Therma V is its energy efficiency achievements. PI logic is said to enable the new model to operate up to 30% more efficiently than a conventional model, while LG’s BLDC inverter compressor also saves energy, using as much as 40% less electricity than a typical AC motor at low speeds and 20% less at high speeds.

The newly-designed wide louvre fin and optimised heat exchanger path help to conserve energy, boost reliability and facilitate an improved heat exchange rate. It comes equipped with a durable inverter water pump that further minimises unnecessary energy consumption.

The intelligent features include LG’s pressure control sensor which measures and controls pressure directly, which translates to faster, more precise adjustments in response to load variation. In the unlikely event of a fault, Therma V has a built in two-step emergency operation feature that guarantees consistent heat production until the system is serviced.

Delivering optimal comfort and convenience, LG’s weather-dependent operation mode automatically adjusts the temperature indoors in response to changes in the outdoor temperature. Meanwhile, the Silent mode helps to lower operational noise at nighttime.

The THERMA V is available now in sizes 3kW-16kW, including a standard 3 year warranty.


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