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LG upgrades Therma V Monobloc

UK: LG has launched a new version of its Therma V Monobloc air-to-water heat pump in the UK – the Therma V R32 Monobloc ’S’.

According to LG, the ‘S’ stands for silence and supreme in recognition of the unit’s reduced noise level and improved performance.

Noise levels are down to 32dB(A) allowing 9kW units to be installed at the minimum of 4m away from neighbouring houses and the 16kW units can be as close as 5m away.

As with the original Monobloc, this new model combines the indoor and outdoor features in one module and eliminates the need for refrigerant piping.

Hydronic components like the improved plate heat exchanger, the expansion tank, water pump, flow sensor, pressure sensor, air vent valve and safety valve are all built into the outdoor unit – pre-installed and ready to run. 

The design and technology in this new unit sees built in water flow and pressure sensors to monitor the water circuit in real time, advanced water pump control, enhanced second circuit logic, energy monitoring of estimated power consumption via the remote controller, MODBUS connectivity without gateway if required and advanced control for the domestic hot water recirculation pump.

The new Monobloc ’S’ also features a new advanced remote controller with a 4.3in colour LCD monitor and user-friendly interface that uses simple graphic, icon and text controls, easy schedule and installer settings and energy monitoring. It is possible to monitor not only the temperature of the water circuit but also the flow rate and the pressure. 

The use of LG’s ThinQ technology enables owners to set the temperature and regulate the use of the Therma V monitor remotely. ThinQ technology also works with voice activation with Google Homes.

For the installer, the new Monobloc ‘S’ is lighter and requires 16.7% less refrigerant compared to the existing model. 

The new version also adopts LG’s R1 Compressor technology which is said to offer advanced efficiency, reliability and operational range due in part to the enhanced tilting motion of the scroll. Operational range is now up to 135Hz and there is an option to include a 3kW or 6kW electric back up heater.

SCOP is said to be up to 4.67 (average climate/low temperature application) and an A+++ rating. The COP rises to 4.9 (outdoor air 7°C/leaving water temperature 35°C) and can deliver leaving water temperature of 65°C if required.

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