Lossnay Kanzen air handling units

Kanzen_2Mitsubishi Electric is entering the air handling unit market with a range of high feature products that are said to bridge the gap between standard and bespoke solutions.

The Lossnay Kanzen brings together Mitsubishi’s Lossnay heat recovery technology with its latest Mr Slim heat pumps to offer customers hassle-free installation and commissioning.

Available in five models, the range offers air flows of 0.97-4.17m³/sec, COPs of 4.88-5.69 and EERs of 5.45-6.15.

At the heart of the units is Mitsubishi Electric’s unique Lossnay paper core, which not only offers total heat recovery of sensible heat from extracted air but also latent heat, helping retain moisture levels and provide a more comfortable, balanced internal environment.  The paper core contains a super fine, cross-flow plate fin structure to deliver high efficiency.

In addition to using a paper core to maximise the comfort within a building, Mitsubishi Electric has focused on the six other key areas within an AHU to ensure that every element delivers the best performance available.

The anti-freeze, pre-heating system offers modulated control which is activated at external temperatures from 0°C to -5°C.   This works to raise the temperature at the inlet of the Lossnay heat recovery core to around 0ºC and helping deliver fresh air at a comfortable temperature even at low ambient conditions.

The unit’s bypass damper incorporates an energy saving feature that uses cool outdoor air to lower the internal temperature and also provides free cooling and night purge with a special bypass shutter. This means that the outdoor units are running less, saving on energy and running costs.

The R410A DX coil has a 46bar pressure rating and copper tubing with Blu-fin V waffle louvre fins in corrosion resistant aluminium. The high-efficiency, adjustable, electronic switching EC fan motors offer low noise, technology and a high level of control.

Lossnay Kanzen also comes with high efficiency F7 bag filters upstream of the DX coil and G4 filters (outdoor air and& return air) to protect the Lossnay cores.

The unit’s advanced, integrated controls interface uses M2M technology and also incorporates an electronic panel with integrated regulation systems.  BEMS control is also available for the system to allow for inputs and oututs to a third party BMS, fully integrated Modbus BMS and alarm integration.

The high level of in-built control ensures that the demand for a comfortable supply of fresh air within a building is met, whilst making sure that the units are working in the most energy efficient manner possible.

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