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Marstair adds A2L retail condensing units

UK: Marstair has extended its ranges of refrigeration products optimised for A2L refrigerants with the A2LcabinetMatch retail refrigeration condensing units.

The A2LcabinetMatch follows Marstair’s recent launches of A2L-optimsed cold room splits and cellar cooler ranges.

Comprehensive testing in Marstair’s newly-built R&D testing facilities at its UK manufacturing plant has ensured that the A2LcabinetMatch has been developed fully in accordance to BS EN 378: 2016 standards.

The new range of condensing units can be mix-matched with refrigeration cabinets to suit specific store temperature requirements. The initial duty range of 2.3kW to 6.8kW is suitable for most cabinets without doors up to 3.75m long and with doors up to 7.5m long. Larger SMC units suitable for 7.5m cabinets without doors will be available later in the year. 

Systems are suitable for a variety of A2L refrigerants including R454A, R454C and R455A.

The A2LcabinetMatch is suitable for applications with up to 80m pipe runs with no extra safety measures. Marstair also provides risk assessment guidance within its instructions giving best practice installation methods to installers.


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