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MHI controller integrates Q-ton heat pump and ac

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will release two new central control console units, enabling air conditioning units and Q-ton CO2 heat pump water heaters to be controlled through a single console. 

The multilingual SC-SL4-AE2 and SC-SL4-BE2 controllers will be launched in the European market from July and will be subsequently launched in other markets. 

The new models add functionality to the previous SC-SL4 series allowing connection to the Q-ton air-to-water heat pump, giving building managers integrated, centralised control over both air conditioning and water heater units. A single touchscreen-type central control console combines the existing functionality to control up to 128 air conditioning units with a special interface allowing simultaneous control of up to 16 Q-ton units. The air conditioning and Q-ton systems can also be controlled and managed through a PC or tablet over an internet connection.

Additional functions include operating time display over the last month, and automatic adjustment of temperature settings according to the outdoor temperature. The SC-SL4-BE2 model has functionality that allows building owners or managers to calculate per-minute charges for use of air conditioning units in leased properties.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

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