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MHI launches high efficiency R32 chiller in Japan

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is incorporating a new design of scroll compressor and R32 refrigerant in a new range of air-cooled heat pump chillers being introduced in Japan.

The MSV2 series will be launched in Japan next summer in four models from 40hp to 70hp. The adoption of R32 and a newly developed e-3D scroll compressor are said to contribute to market leading COPs. The 60hp and 70hp models, for instance, have respective COP ratings of 3.46 and 3.33.

The e-3D scroll is said to compress both vertically and horizontally, enhancing efficiency during low loads. Changing the shape of the scroll is also said to have reduced leakage. The adoption of a large fan, long bell mouth, and small-diameter hairpin in the air heat exchanger also contribute to the increased efficiencies.

In addition, startup speed has been increased threefold compared to earlier models, resulting in reduced fluctuations in water temperature and enabling recovery from power outages. Also, cooling/heating is possible even in extremely hot environments, accommodating outside air intake temperatures up to 52℃.

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