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Mitsubishi adds CO2 sensors to Lossnay units

UK: Mitsubishi Electric’s latest Lossnay range of heat recovery ventilation systems is designed for installation in high humidity environments.

The LGH-RVS-E simultaneously extracts stale air from a building while providing a supply of fresh, filtered air. While doing this, the units simultaneously recover valuable heat energy for maximum efficiency.

Designed with a plastic heat exchanger rather than paper, it is said to be ideal for humid locations like bathrooms and wet rooms.

The units are said to be simple to interlock with Mitsubishi Electric’s Mr Slim and City Multi air conditioning systems. They come with a new generation of controls, with more flexible commissioning and two plug-and-play CO2 sensors.

With air quality an increasing concern, Mitsubishi Electric insists that being able to see a simple traffic light system of CO2 levels can offer greater assurance and awareness for building occupants, and meet safety requirements – particularly for schools. The CO2 sensor can also help reduce installation costs, by taking its power from the fan unit rather than needing a separate power supply.

The units can also be integrated with Mitsubishi Electric’s AE-200E central control to offer touch-screen control of products, along with advanced features like energy monitoring and automated reporting.

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