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Mitsubishi extends NX2 chiller range

UK: Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new Climaveneta-branded NX2 range of air-source scroll chillers, expanding the NX2 family and offering improved energy efficiency and sustainability. 

The new chillers complete the NX2 range, offering two and four scroll compressor versions with a capacity range from 40 to 376 kW. Both options are available with the lower-GWP R454B refrigerant as well as R410A. The complete range is Eurovent certified and, according to Mitsubishi Electric, far exceeds the minimum seasonal efficiency level of 2021 imposed by EcoDesign Directive.

The new chillers operate at lower noise levels than the previous range, while maintaining the same performance and footprint as the standard acoustic version.

They are also designed with high levels of seasonal efficiency, with SEERs over 11% higher than the previous range. An optional ultra performance kit boosts efficiency levels still further.

James Chaplen, senior product manager at Mitsubishi Electric, said: “We’re thrilled to expand the NX2 product range with two plug-and-play solutions. With high efficiencies at full and part load, low sound levels and ease of installation, the NX2 range is the ideal choice for both new projects and to replace old units in existing plants. The integrated hydronic modules guarantee simplified installation and time-saving commissioning – creating a ready-to-be-installed solution.”

The new ranges are also equipped with additional state-of-the-art options, including optional smart controls such as night mode, which brings sound levels to a minimum by reducing resource activity during low load periods, and leak detection.

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