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Mitsubishi heat pump uses R454C

UK: The new Ecodan CAHV-R air-source heat pump from Mitsubishi Electric uses lower GWP A2L refrigerant R454C. 

Providing sanitary hot water and space heating, the new heat pump can operate as a single system or form part of a multiple unit system, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, including schools and hospitals.

A multiple unit Ecodan CAHV-R system has the ability to cascade available units on and off to meet the load requirements of a building. As an example of this unique modulation, a 16 unit system allows 0.5kW increments of capacity, from 7.8kW all the way up to 640kW (at nominal conditions A7W35). 

With cascade and rotation built in as standard, Mitsubishi says the Ecodan CAHV-R is perfectly set up to reliably generate sustainable space heating and hot water all year round.

With a GWP 148, R454C is a blend of R32 and 1234yf.

The Ecodan CAHV-R is said to achieve 70°C outlet temperature down to -2°C ambient. Water flow temperatures from 24°C to 70°C can be achieved without boost heaters.

Mitsubishi Electric

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