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Mitsubishi splits combine AI and high-res sensors

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Electric has added AI technology and high-resolution sensors to its Kirigamine  FZ and Z series air conditioners.

The new air conditioners to be introduced in Japan from November 1 can detect airflows with high precision and make optimal adjustments according to the living space. It relies on the newly developed Move Eye with its AI technology and high-resolution infrared sensors, previously installed in satellites.

The Move Eye scans the room to detect the temperature of people, floors, furniture, etc. The wind direction and temperature are automatically controlled so that the human temperature is comfortable. If it detects that the airflow has not reached the target, AI will repeat the verification of the degree of airflow while finely adjusting the wind direction. Self-learning ensures the optimum airflow and direction in the future.

Wireless functiontionality enables the air conditioner to linked with Mitsubishi Electric’s dedicated smartphone app. In addition to providing remote control, the Move Eye can provide a thermal image of the room status.

The FZ series will be available in capacities from 4kW to 9kW, and the Z series from 2.2kW to 9kW.

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