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More Ciat rooftops on R454B

SPAIN: Ciat has now developed its Vectios rooftop air conditioning units to use the lower GWP A2L refrigerant R454B.

The new range, which is available in cooling capacities from 23 to 91kW and heating capacities from 22 to 90kW, complements the company’s larger Vectios Power range which adopted the same refrigerant earlier this year.

R454B is a lower flammability A2L refrigerant blend of 68.9% R32 and 31.1% 1234yf. It has a GWP of 466.

The Vectios R454B units are said to retain the compact and quiet-running characteristics of the previous R410A generation, while reducing the environmental impact and delivering higher efficiencies and lower operating costs for end users. 

For installers, Vectios units are designed to be easy to lift and position on site. Once in place, they simply require air ducts and electrical connection.

Air quality options include high-efficiency filtration, fine airflow control and CO2 sensors.

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