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Panasonic adds air purification to VRF console

UK: Panasonic Heating and Cooling has added nanoe X air purification technology to its G1 VRF  air conditioning floor console. 

Nanoe X is said to deodorise strong and unpleasant odours and help reduce the growth of certain allergens, mould, bacteria and some viruses by up to 99.9%. 

The G1 floor console features a double air flow direction designed to keep the temperature even throughout a room, whether in heating or cooling mode. It also boasts quiet operation of just 29dB(A).

The unit features a self-cleaning function, automatically switching on a maximum of 90 minutes after operation.

With a depth of just 207mm, the G1 can be installed in areas of very limited space. It also offers three different installation options: exposed and mounted on the floor or wall, half-concealed within a slight alcove or concealed (set within the wall structure) and flush with the wall.

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