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Panasonic adds self-diagnostic tool

UK: Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has updated its AC Service Cloud to include a system health check function in selected Panasonic commercial air conditioners.

The AC Service Cloud is described as an ideal solution for HVAC professionals requiring remote access to a Panasonic air conditioning system for maintenance and multi-site monitoring, and now includes more additional service benefits for professionals.

The system health check function is said to act as a self-diagnosis tool, whereby the AC Service Cloud automatically detects potential malfunction, often before the fault even occurs, which can help speed up the overall maintenance process and help prevent costly breakdowns and callouts.

The new update continuously monitors systems in intervals of 15 minutes to ensure any malfunctions are swiftly noticed. Any abnormal data is detected and reported automatically. A history of data can be recorded for up to two weeks.

Settings can also be manually tailored for an individual approach, with professionals also able to easily change the value per each refrigerant circuit.


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