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Panasonic ducted VRF units offer mounting options

UK: Panasonic has introduced a new range of ducted VRF units with a new vertical mounting option and a choice of rear or bottom air inlet.

The Adaptive Ducted F3 range is available in a choice of 12 capacities from 1.5kW-16kW. 

The compact design with a height of just 250mm and weighing from 26kg to 42kg, the units are described as being well-adapted for projects requiring a more discreet fit. 

Although small, the design still allows for a powerful 150Pa external static pressure, and optimal airflow set-up is possible depending on ducting design and conditions. It also features two integrated R32 refrigerant leak detectors for security.

In addition, the unit’s design permits a smooth airflow, which helps to achieve an incredibly low noise operation down to 20dBA. Smart sensors control discharge air temperature for precise room temperature control, Panasonic says.

The range also allows for selectable rear or bottom air inlet thanks to its adjustable panels. The series is also said to include a more powerful high-lift, built-in drain pump that allows drain piping to be elevated up to 701mm from the base of the unit.

Panasonic’s nanoe X filter technology is included as standard. 

Additionally, the ducted units are compatible with all VRF controls including the new Panasonic Conex controller with Bluetooth built-in and apps for quick, convenient set-up.


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