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Panasonic Mini ECOi made more efficient

EUROPE: Panasonic has redesigned its Mini ECOi VRF air conditioners, delivering even higher efficiencies to buildings with restricted external space.

The new Mini ECOi series comes in 4hp, 5hp and 6hp models, with an outdoor unit which is under a metre high.

Panasonic claims that innovative new technologies give the range the best EER and COP rating in the industry, with single fan 4hp units achieving a maximum EER of 4.50 and a maximum COP of 5.19.

Higher efficiencies and improved partial load control are provided by Panasonic’s twin rotary compressor with wider inverter control for higher efficiency.

Maximum performance is achieved by the adoption of a larger fan motor compared to previous ranges. In addition, a larger 540mm diameter fan and a new fan design provide lower air flows and electricity consumption. The new fan technology is said to be capable of delivering a high external static pressure of 35Pa.

The new bluefin heat exchanger pattern is said to make the Mini ECOi more effective in extreme conditions by offering a higher outdoor heat exchange.

The plug and play concept makes installation quicker and less complicated, while an increase in the acceptable distance between indoor and outdoor units opens up more options for installation.

The new series offers up to 50m piping length between the outdoor and furthest indoor unit, without the need for an additional refrigerant charge, which covers most of the applications for this kind of system. Units also offer a silent mode that can maintain the same operating capacity, which allows greater flexibility when installing the units in residential areas.

A maximum of 12 indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit.


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