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Panasonic offers new CO2 Service Checker

UK: Panasonic has introduced the new CO2 Service Checker for use with its CR Series of CO2 refrigeration condensing units.

The CIO2 Service Checker provides quick and reliable access to a unit’s data for commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This includes the ability to read and record technical parameters such as pressures, opening of expansion valves, etc. It also enables the setting of new operating values and provides a 2D graph for a detailed analysis, along with alarm status monitoring.

The CO2 Service Checker package consists of the USB-RS485 converter and DRX drivers, and downloadable Device Manager software. 

DeviceManager is a Windows software used for the management and installation of the device. The software can be used to create and save parameter mapping and transfer it to and from the controller with a just few clicks.


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