Panasonic super-efficient wall-mount


UK: Panasonic has introduced a high efficiency wall mounted RE Inverter model to the UK market.

The wall-mounted RE Inverter model boasts an A++ SEER of 6.10 and an A+ SCOP of 4.00, making it one of the lowest energy consumption air conditioning systems.

The RE System incorporates an anti-bacterial filter and operates at only 22dB(A). It is compatible with R22 pipework and offers a long connection distance – up to 20m for the RE18 and 30m for the RE24.

A wired controller is available with the wall mounted RE system. The Panasonic CZ-RD514C controller is plugged directly into the indoor unit and offers full control of the system, including full weekly timer setting facilities. Infrared remote controls are included with all indoor units.


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