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Portable coil cleaning

UK: A new coil cleaning machine from Advanced Engineering can be effectively used even in areas without access to water and power.

The SpeedClean CoilJet CJ-125 is said to make quick work of cleaning debris and grime from condenser and evaporator coils wherever you may be working. 

Units have been designed for portability, which ensures cleaning even in areas without access to water and power, such as rooftop residential and light commercial evaporator and condenser units.

“These portable systems ensure your customers will get the professional results they need in much less time than other solutions, such as pressure washers,” maintains Advanced Engineering managing director Barry Lea.

CoilJet is also said to protect against fin damage by using a special spray pattern which never exceeds 125psi of coil washing power. 

It weighs 22lbs when empty and features integrated water and chemical tanks. Its rechargeable battery is said to last at least a day between charges, or approximately 12 tank refills. 

The CoilJet also offers an optional spray wand with 90o nozzle, making it possible to clean from the inside of the coils. 

Advanced Engineering   

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