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Potable HWS using heat pump technology

UK: HVAC equipment supplier Exi-tite has developed a self-contained potable hot water system using heat pump technology.

The packaged system can be installed as a permanent fixture or mobile plug-in solution across various applications. Heating capacities ranging between 13kW and 240kW and low-GWP refrigerant options are offered.

Prefabricated off-site, the system is designed to save time and avoid logistical complications. It is constructed on a structural framework and designed to be wheeled or crane lifted into position.

LG VRF heat pumps provide modular capacity control and redundancy, and are inverter-driven with both latent and sensible load monitoring. Each Multi V i system is connected to a high-temperature hydro kit, capable of producing water temperatures up to 80°C and providing 100% heating capacity down to -7°C.

The company’s first packaged hot water system, designed to provide 100kW capacity split into four 25kW stages, has recently been delivered to a project in Leeds. The 1650-litre energy bank supplied can provide 1800 l/hr of usable potable water, raising from a mains cold supply to 60°C with a 7 minute recovery time of the energy bank.

The method of hot water generation differs from typical systems that store potable water. Because the packaged Exi-tite system heats cold mains water directly through a heat exchanger without storage, pasteurisation is unnecessary and the need for salt-based softeners is also eliminated.

The system is plug-and-play, arriving with its own localised control, but is also pre-wired for connection to a building management system and pre-piped with connections to the cold water main, hot water supply and optional circulation loop.


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18th July 2024

Cylinder explosion destroys car

SPAIN: Early reports suggest a car destroyed on a street in Malaga last week was caused by an exploding refrigerant cylinder.
18th July 2024

European heat pump sales down 6.5% in 2023

BELGIUM: Heat pump sales were 6.5% lower in 2023, the first fall after ten years of annual growth, threatening Europe’s 2030 climate targets.
17th July 2024

SWEP BPHE for lower GWP refrigerants

USA: SWEP has launched the 190 range of brazed plate heat exchangers optimised for low GWP refrigerants.
17th July 2024

Airedale data cooling solution commended

USA: The first data centre at Corscale’s Gainesville Crossing campus is set to open following the successful integrated systems testing (IST) of the recently installed Airedale by Modine cooling solution.
17th July 2024

Mirai Intex extends ULT air-cycle machine

CZECHIA: Mirai Intex has extended its range of air-cycle refrigeration process chillers with the MC 150 T unit, providing ultra-low temperatures from -40°C down to -160°C.
17th July 2024

Paul Kenny named EHPA director general

BELGIUM: Paul Kenny, a sustainable energy expert and former special advisor to the Irish government, has been named as the new director general of the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA).