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Precision cooling up to 1MW

UK: Airedale has announced the launch of its new precision cooling range, SmartCool ONE, with capacities of up to 1MW.

Building on the design principles of Airedale’s existing SmartCool range, SmartCool ONE is said to have been redeveloped from the ground-up, with cost, efficiency and the needs of colocation and hyperscale facilities at the heart of the design process. 

The range will be manufactured in the UK, Spain and the US, and, according to Airedale, designed to deliver increased efficiencies, reduced operational costs and reduced energy consumption, whilst maximising cooling kW/m2

Design features include a deep chilled-water coil that delivers a large surface area for maximum cooling capacity, with low and high flow coil geometries to optimise pressure drop. It also includes backward-curved 630mm EC fans and a modified fan plenum to improve operational efficiency. Filtration options include both ISO-C-80 and ISO-C-90 (MERV 8 and 11 for 60Hz units) and are positioned on the coil face to minimise pressure drop. There is also an option to have zero filtration, for increased fan efficiency and air volume.

Each SmartCool ONE unit is delivered with the in-built Helix control system, the new c pCO controls platform and a touchscreen user interface. Using a PID controller to manage supply/return air temperatures and regulate air flow, it also features an in-built automatic transfer switch to ensure a prompt switchover in the event of a mains power supply crisis. The SmartCool ONE can operate either as a standalone unit, a networked precision cooling circuit or with chillers as a complete HVAC system.

With capacity from 35kW to 1MW, the range comprises 104 downflow models across 36 case sizes, left or right hand side pipework connections, multiple valve and filtration options and three power supplies (400V/50Hz, 460V/60Hz, 380V/50Hz). 

It is optimised for operation with lower approach temperatures and higher water-side ΔTs, with return air temperature range 28°C to 45°C (82°F to 113°F).


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