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Pulse expansion valve for precise control

SPAIN: Sanhua’s new PEV (pulse expansion valve) is designed for use in refrigeration systems to precisely control the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator. 

The PEV valves are said to have a solenoid valve structure, allowing flow regulation by pulse width control, ensuring accurate and responsive flow control.

A wide range of cooling capacities is available, ranging from 0.4 to 15kW, with its 90bar design making it suitable for CO2 refrigerant. It is also applicable for all common HFC and HFO refrigerants.

A direct shut-off function in case of sudden power failure ensures the system remains safe and protected. The valve body can also be opened to change the orifice and access to the strainer.

IP 67 rated, the PEV series also features a variety of coil models, including 230VAC, 120VAC, and 24VAC, with low electricity consumption of up to 7W maximum.

Additionally, the valves offer a wide temperature range of -60°C to 70°C and metric and imperial versions are available.


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