Redesigned ceiling units

Toshiba Series 7 Ceiling unitToshiba Air Conditioning has introduced a completely redesigned range of ceiling-mounted air conditioning units.

Designed to be easy-to-fit and with exceptionally low noise characteristics, the series 7 indoor units come in a wide range of capacities, including a 6 hp unit. With a new modern design to the front grille, the units have a bigger chassis to accommodate a larger, more efficient heat exchanger.

A new design of fan housing reduces turbulence and contributes to an increase of air volume of 38%, while operating with9% lower sound levels.

The range also has a self-cleaning function, which maintains performance and further reduces the need for servicing.

Evaporators are coated with a special resin that stops dirt and mould from sticking to heat exchange fins. Gravity fed condensate then flows over coils and washes any dirt away. A drying cycle prevents the formation of mould.

An optional drain pump kit uses specially impregnated anti-bacterial glass, to further ensure system hygiene.

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