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Samsung launches new more efficient DVM S2

NETHERLANDS: Samsung has officially launched the DVM S2, its sixth generation of Digital Variable Multi air conditioners for the European market. 

First announced at Samsung’s 2021 Climate Solutions Day in January, the new DVM S2 range is said to offer industry-leading seasonal energy efficiency and AI innovations control capabilities. It allows for enhanced installation flexibility and serviceability and can be connected to up to 64 indoor units, including Samsung’s WindFree products.

Samsung claims that the new DVM S2 is 11% more efficient in seasonal energy efficiency on average, compared to the current market leader. To achieve this, Samsung applied innovative technologies in the S2, including a more advanced scroll compressor with AFI (Advanced Flash Injection) technology, an enlarged heat exchanger with optimised refrigerant flow, a multi-serration fan and the enhanced power module.

Compared to the same capacity models in the current DVM S series, the heat transfer area of the heat exchanger in the 33.6kW model is 36.2% larger and is 23.7% larger on the 56kW unit,

The active AI algorithm of the DVM S2 recognises the conditions of the installed environment, supplying optimised cooling and heating performance, and real time refrigerant leakage monitoring. Samsung insists that the AI low pressure control learns patterns of cooling operation and reaches the target temperature more rapidly which allows for energy saving. Meanwhile, AI high pressure control maintains the optimal high pressure by adjusting according to the installed environment and AI defrost control provides the best timing for defrost. Additionally, DVM S2 detects refrigerant leaks and alerts users thanks to advanced algorithms.

Samsung says its advanced technology of refrigerant sub-cooling control and installation condition analysis, allows the size of the liquid pipe to be scaled down. This allows for a saving of up to 28% of the refrigerant amount.

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