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Sanhua expands electronic kits

SPAIN: Sanhua has expanded its SEK Kit series with four new models to include the LPF 45-65 valves, which Sanhua introduced earlier this year. 

The new SEK comprises SEC controller, LPF electronic expansion valve, pressure transducer (with Packard cable) and temperature sensor, allowing rapid system set-up for virtually all common applications. Allowing rapid system set-up for virtually all common applications, Sanhua insists that with fewer brazed points the risk of leaks is reduced dramatically, providing greater system reliability.

Benefits of the new SEK plug-and-play solution include a choice of up to 20 refrigerants and capacity up to 16kW – with all required products provided in a single box that delivers ultimate convenience for installers and technicians.

The SEK is designed to replace thermostatic expansion and solenoid valves in HFC and HFO refrigerant applications. As the opening can be controlled from 10 to 100%, it is possible to offer a wide capacity range with the same product.

At the heart of the SEK is the SEC controller, the primary function of which is to control the suction superheat of the refrigeration system using an advanced PID algorithm. Inputs include pressure transmitter, temperature sensor and RS485 Modbus (all models feature an RS485 port for communications).

End customers can enjoy reductions in energy consumption of up to 28% in comparison with using a thermostatic expansion valve (TXV), Sanhua says. 

Adopting a single kit suitable for so many refrigerants compares extremely favourably with having one TXV for one (or perhaps two) refrigerants, meaning that stock inventory can be reduced considerably. 


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